Company EKOTERM-PRO primary directions of work is:
  • chemistry and building products manufacturing and trading;
  • heating boilers (ion boilers) climate control automatic trading.
Company develops and produces totally new, for the market products. For that high-qualified external experts and company personnel is realizing big research program. In this research program company, pay attention to building technology and materials.

All company’s variety of goods are carrying the “STAFOR” trademark, which is a registered trademark, the usage rights and ownership of which are protected by international legal and legislative acts.

Experts permanently check all products for quality issues and take care of safety in accordance with regulation of European Parliament and Council (EK) Nr. 1907/2006 (REACH). The greatest part of products, that are selling, are certified, int. al. products that in stringent regulations don’t need to do it.
Trademark STAFOR logo
Trademark STAFOR logo